Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
4 minute read
29 May 2021
8:00 am

Mercedes-AMG GLS 63: Living it large and loving it

Mark Jones

Mercedes-AMG's 2.6-ton seven-seater SUV is so big that you could easily lose your mother-in-law in the third row of seats.

..those wheels

You know when you want to go about your life without drawing any unnecessary attention to yourself? Being all sensible and living frugally. Kinda like an average Joe. Well then, the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 is definitely not for you. I mean just look at it. Sure, it has the 23-inch AMG monoblock wheels fitted, so if the aggressive styling and sheer size of this “S-Class” of SUVs doesn’t do it, then these 23-inch options that will set you back R82 100, sure will destroy any shred of subtlety you thought might have been on offer. As to be expected, if...