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Lancia preparing for future no longer restricted to Italy

Initially, the once fabled marque's line-up will comprise three models, likely to include the revived Delta.

Once iconic brand Lancia will become a mainstay marque out of Italy and back into other markets by 2024.

This is according to the brand’s CEO, Luca Napolitano, who told Automotive News Europe that the fabled brand’s return to mainly European markets will start in the mentioned year with those in question being France, Austria, Belgium, Germany and Spain.

Since 2017, the brand, known for models such as the Beta, Thema, Fulvia, Flavia, Monte Carlo and the Delta, has been present only in Italy and with a single model, the decade old Ypsilion spun-off of the previous generation Fiat 500.

According to Napolitano, the Lancia’s expansion out of its home market where sales have remained strong despite the single model, will involve three vehicles; the all-new, fifth generation Ypsilion, a crossover SUV anticipated to be underpinned by the Alfa Romeo Tonale and a hatchback more than likely to be the revived Delta.

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Initially, power will come from internal combustion engines, before switching to electric motivation fully in 2027, a year after the planned unveiling of the Delta.

Part of Stellantis’ premium division that includes DS and Alfa Romeo, the Delta, along with the Ypsilion and other models will be styled under the supervision of Jean-Pierre Ploue, whose previous spell at Citroën resulted in the DS3, the original C4 and C6.

“Lancia will deliver an understated, clean Italian elegance, with soft surfaces and great quality,” Napolitano was quoted as saying.

More details are poised to emerge over the coming months with a fair chunk expected next year.

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