Tracy Lee Stark

By Tracy Lee Stark

Photographer and Multimedia Producer

WATCH: Thrill-seeking skydiver jumps from dangerous glacier

The two friends performed the 'scary' jump in the Mont Blanc massif mountain range in the Alps.

This video is no longer available.

This incredible footage shows two thrill-seeking friends base jumping with skis off a dangerous glacier in the Alps.

Ex-Royal Marine Tim Howell, 31, and Maria Steinmeyer performed the incredible jump in the Mont Blanc massif mountain range in the Alps.

The pair jumped from a serac, which is the edge of a glacier.

Howell, from Martock, Somerset, said: “It’s a ski jump with a difference. Maria and I have been looking for a ‘serac’ to ski base from for years.”

A serac is a large wall of ice.

Howell and a ski shop manager Steinmeyer checked out the exit by flying a drone to view the area, as well as using ice screws and rope tied behind the edge to look at the height.

He said: “Seracs are usually very unstable, so the exit was so scary to look over.

“The drop to impact was 80m and we had a 10-minute, over 2,000m canopy flight to the landing.”

Howell and Steinmeyer returned the following week to do it again and found that the edge of the serac had changed massively due to a collapse.

The footage was taken on 9 February 2022.

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