Ferrari’s 499P Modificata is a R94m track day weapon

Derived from the 499P Le Mans Hypercar, the Modificata doesn’t have to adhere to the same FIA WEC technical regulations.

Touted as the pinnacle of the firm’s closed-wheel track-only offerings, the 499P Modificata is a limited-edition track-only offshoot of the Ferrari 499P LMH that took pole position at the 24 Hours of Le Mans earlier this year.

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The 499P Modificata is derived from the 499P Le Mans Hypercar. Additionally, it doesn’t have to adhere to the same FIA WEC technical regulations that restricted the 499P LMH. Essentially, among the many sharp track-only tools in Ferrari’s Rossa Corsa-coloured shed, the 499P Modificata is a hand-crafted chef’s knife. Ferrari hails it as the highest-performance closed-wheel Ferrari the firm has ever offered for non-competitive track use. As such, the 499P Modificata is distinguished by several revisions made to the 499P LMH’s formula that can be summed up as a decrease in inhibitions and an increase in performance.

Beneath its sculpted monocoque carbon fibre chassis lies a rear-mounted twin-turbo 3,0-litre V6 working in tandem with a front-axle mounted 200 kW electric motor. Interestingly, the front axle can be activated to achieve all-wheel-drive. Although this technology is already implemented in the 499P LMH, it’s restricted to use only above 190 km/h, whereas the 499P Modificata can utilise this system at much lower speeds.

499P Modificata
Image: Ferrari.

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The maximum effort from both components results in a total of 640kW, as opposed to the 499P LMH’s 505kW output. Coupled with the power unit is a sequential seven-speed transmission. One of the most noteworthy additions to the 499P’s powertrain is the ‘Push to Pass’ system, which essentially utilises the front-axle mounted motor’s 120kW output atop the nominal 520kW output to realise 640kW in up to seven-second bursts. Underpinning the car’s physique is a complex push-rod suspension system and a brake-by-wire system. The 499P Modificato relies on a pair of bespoke Pirelli 310/710-18 and 340/710-18 tyres. The revised exterior livery, designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre, further distinguishes itself from its Le Mans-winning sibling.

“The 499P Modificata was developed specifically to celebrate this glorious history in endurance racing with a client car that could follow in the footsteps of those legends. With effect from 2024, the Corse Clienti department will organise the Sport Prototipi Clienti programme which will run alongside the other specialist client activities, including F1 Clienti and XX Programme. In common with those, 499P Modificata owners will be able to rely on Ferrari assistance with maintenance and support – both technical and logistical – for all the dedicated track events.”

499P Modificata
Image: Ferrari.

Price? Reports suggest an asking price in the region of $5m (roughly R94m based on current exchange rates).

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