Young singer releases teaser from debut album

“I hope people get lost in this song, like a melodic adventure. This track has a very deep message to tell. It allows listeners to reflect on the things that matter in their life.”

A young rising artist from Midstream, Centurion, released the first teaser from his debut album, Destination Unknown last Friday.

“Passing Seconds” is 17-year old singer-songwriter Vaughn Prangley’s new single, which he shared with accompanying visuals.

“I hope people get lost in this song, like a melodic adventure,” he said.

“This track has a very deep message to tell. It allows listeners to reflect on the things that matter in their life,” Prangley explained.

“Everyone will relate to ‘Passing Seconds’ in completely different ways which is what makes it so compelling.”

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Prangley said the song was about pushing through struggles when the world had brought you down.

“Difficult times pass by and life poses its challenges but often amazing memories follow thereafter. The song is a lesson about using your time and energy on things that matter to you and not letting the hurdles in life hold you back.”

He said time was something people will never be able to change.

“We will never get back the seconds that pass by. So, strive to live every passing second as a second to be remembered.”

His debut album, Destination Unknown, was set for release later this year.

Cover artwork of the teaser, Passing Seconds, by Vaughn Prangley. Photo: supplied.

This single arrived alongside an evocative and heartfelt music video filmed and directed by Graeme Wyllie. The video was shot on the streets of Jozi and in a private gym, called ‘The Fort’, situated in Linden, Johannesburg.

It tells the story of a girl who is down and out. She lives in her car, struggling financially and emotionally.

The video further showcased passionate live performance clips of this jaw-dropping rock star in the centre of a boxing arena with his guitar in his hands.

The release stands out as the official follow-up to his debut EP, Where it Begins, which was released early March this year.

As many will already know, Prangley’s power as a songwriter comes from focusing on the minutiae – every song travelling its own path into its own world.

“I write about everyday things that all of us go through. Experiences that we all understand.

“I like to think of my music as being stories with deep meaning behind them. The words are easy on the ear in a way that people should almost feel the message of my music naturally,” Prangley added.

Vaughn’s sound is unique and does not fit the mould of one specific genre. Quick to be praised by the likes of Mix FM, Texx and The City, Bluebird Sessions, Bizcommunity, GaloreSA, KykNet and many more, Prangley is priming his trajectory to be a long and critical one.

Prangley got his start early. He started off with classical guitar lessons at nine years old, and recently bought a piano from his producer. He teaches himself how to master new instruments daily.

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