10 things you will miss about life with a newborn

Meeting your little one for the first time is a magical experience. Our babies will only ever be babies once, and we must make the most of these sacred moments.

Meeting your little one for the first time is a magical experience. Our babies will only ever be babies once, and we must make the most of these sacred moments.

Here are 10 things you will miss about having a newborn in the house!

1. The Smell

Is there anything that smells sweeter than a newborn baby? That new baby smell is one of a kind. Sprinkled all over their baby heads to intoxicate us and make us fall so deeply in love with them.

2. Their Toes

Baby toes are the cutest thing in the history of the universe. Enough said.

3. Baby clothes

Those tiny cute little outfits are super adorable. The moment you start packing away your little one’s newborn onesies you might want to cry thinking how small they have been.

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4. Newborns are portable

Newborns are just so easy to pop into a baby carrier or pram. They are then content to accompany you (silently) wherever you needed to go (no playing hide and seek in the mall like with a pre-schooler!).

5. Roly Poly Wrists and Legs

Our second baby was quite a chunky one, and it was just so darn cute! Who can resist rolly poly wrists and legs?

6. Newborns are new to the world, and they hold the promise of all things good that
the world has to offer

One of my favourite baby quotes are ‘Babies are God’s opinion that the world should go on’. By Carl Sandburg. No further comment needed.

7. You can say things like “I Want to EAT you up” and it’s normal

If you think about it, it is kind of strange to say to a person “I want to eat you up” but in the baby context, it is normal. It is after all just an expression for “YOU ARE SO DARN CUTE!”

8. Newborns are quite easy to please! Well, some of the time

All they need is love, milk, and cuddles and they are all set. In the early stage you can also pop them in a carrier and you are set! There are a range of baby carriers available in South Africa, ranging in cost and functionalities.

9. They are in love with their mom and dad

Did you see the way your newborn is looking at you? That is complete and utter adoration (and complete and utter dependence). To your baby you are their whole world.

10. They make us realise how much we are capable of

Having a baby completely dependent on you for their survival, makes you realise what you are capable of. Feeding your baby every few hours, changing diapers, operating on reduced sleep, etc.

When you feel as if you are completely overwhelmed and exhausted, you keep going. The early weeks are challenging, that is for sure.

You will experience a range of emotions. You will be tired, tearful, happy, content, even sad. And that is okay. But you will look back on these days, and you will be so proud of what you have done to raise your little one!

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