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25 Apr 2017
2:27 pm

WATCH: Police shoot journalist during protest against illegal land grabs

Citizen Reporter

Lenasia South residents have vowed to protect the open space next to their area.

Lenasia south protest.

Public Order Police opened fire rubber bullets and stun grenades at residents during a peaceful protest along the K43, Lenasia South, in Johannesburg, Rising Sun Chatsworth reports.

One of the residents injured during the shooting is Shirley Brijlal, a journalist, activist and Lenasia South resident.

According to Brijlal, the group was gathered to discuss and finalise the memorandum.

“There was nothing we did to aggravate the police and don’t know why they fired at us,” said Brijlal.

Brijlal was shot at with a stun grenade, however, did not sustain any serious injures.

“My hair is half-burnt, and my ear is also injured.”

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Brijlal was one of the Lenasia South residents protesting against illegal land grabbing in the area.

“The people grabbing the land are not even from disadvantaged backgrounds because the show up driving their Jeeps and fancy cars, to mark their piece of land,” added Brijlal.

Lenasia South residents have vowed to protect the open space next to their area. Community members are adamant that some of the land grabbers are motivated by greed. They alleged that land grabbers occupied the land and sold it for an exorbitant amount.

People have started erecting shacks, something residents believe will have a negative impact on their properties.

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