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Holly Konig
2 minute read
5 May 2017
10:58 am

Drowned dog found in plastic bag

Holly Konig

The large plastic bag washed up on Winkle beach and was handed to a local vet.

sad lonely dog in a chains

A drowned dog was found in a plastic bag and another trapped in a snare in Amanzimtoti, KwaZulu-Natal.

The large plastic bag washed up on Winkle beach and was handed to a local vet on Friday, April 28, South Coast Sun reported.

After an SPCA employee visited the vet’s rooms they discovered the body of a dog with its legs bound.

“It is evident that the black and brown medium size female was purposely drowned, and the legs were bound ensuring it wouldn’t manage to escape,” said Toti SPCA’s Zakhona Mzelemu.

“However, we are unsure of the reason behind the cruel act.”

The SPCA suspect it may be that the previous owner no longer wanted the dog and decided to dispose of it as unwanted household refuse.

It could also be the consequence of a ritual that took place. SPCA staff are looking into the case.

The SPCA then had a large male German Shepherd that had been caught in a snare brought to their office on Wednesday, May 3. An Umlazi resident noticed the dog wandering along his street and called it closer.

On closer inspection it became evident that the animal was badly injured and was then taken to the SPCA. Due to the fluffiness of the animal, it wasn’t noticed until on closer inspection that the dog had wire wrapped around his back legs, which was cutting into his skin and genitals.

“Our first thought was that someone had attempted to castrate the dog,” said Zakhona. “We then realised that he had been caught in a snare and had escaped with it still attached.”

The beautiful shepherd is at the vet and being treated for the wounds.

The local animal rescue organisation continues to educate the community on how to deal with pets they no longer want. Animal cruelty is an inhumane act and it needs to be taught so, from a young age.

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