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Thato Mahlangu
2 minute read
22 May 2017
9:38 am

False prophets target Pretoria residents

Thato Mahlangu

Police say people get robbed of their cellphones, wallets, laptops and jewellery during these prophesying sessions.

City dwellers and visitors are warned to be on the lookout for false prophets. Photo: Thato Mahlangu.

The Pretoria Central police have warned visitors to the CBD to beware wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Tsietsi Lamola told Rekord the police had, at last week’s crime-prevention awareness campaign, warned locals that criminals pretending to be prophets were operating in the CBD.

The campaign was conducted by the corporate communication department, the Central Social Crime Prevention unit and volunteers from the department of community safety.

Lamola said the police were investigating various cases of robbery in which victims claimed the robber pretended to be a prophet.

“We are working hard to stop them,” said Lamola.

“These people pretend to be prophets, and they try and lure people into believing that they know something. Once they gain your trust, they take you to an alley to rob you.

“People get robbed of their cellphones, wallets, laptops and jewellery during these prophesying sessions.”

Lamola said the trend was of great concern to the police.

“The police fear that more people might fall victim to these robberies.”

He said, as a result, the police had distributed pamphlets to locals during a crime-prevention awareness campaign to warn them.

“We warned people to be aware of these criminals and resist help from those who might want to offer them spiritual help,” he said.

“We engaged with the locals to find out if they knew of any incidents that may lead to the arrest of the false prophets.

“We told them to be vigilant when visiting the city.

“These prophets wander in the streets pretending to be speaking in tongues and trying to help rid people of their problems.”

He said no arrests had yet been made.

“We urge residents to report these crimes to the nearest police station,” he said.

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