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Sylvia Dicks
1 minute read
28 Aug 2017
4:56 pm

Intruder casually walks into houses in KZN

Sylvia Dicks

The intruder jumped from one yard to the next claiming to be looking for someone.

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A domestic worker on Edgeley Road was left traumatised today (28 August) after she was confronted by an intruder who calmly walked into the house at which she was working, Northglen News reports.

The intruder told the domestic worker that he was looking for someone who had stolen his cellphone. The homeowner, Deon Nieuwenhuys, said the man was jumping over fences from house to house.

“Our domestic worker phoned me and told me that the man was in the house. She was terribly shaken because she was involved in a similar incident recently.  When the intruder saw that the domestic worker was calling me he fled and made his way into three other yards.”

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Nieuwenhuys added the man was finally caught and taken into custody after a short chase.

The incident comes a month after residents in and around Edgeley Road were being terrorised by the notorious fencehopper.

What’s more last week it was reported that criminals were burning the wooden cottage frames on windows in the area to gain access to houses.  Two weeks ago the chairman of the Clarendon Road Neighbourhood Watch, Denise Masson said in the last six weeks they have received reports of 11 incidents of break-ins and fencehopping.


Domestic worker, gardener attacked during house robbery

– Caxton News Service

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