Richard Anthony Chemaly
4 minute read
7 May 2021
11:58 am

Please SA Post Office, stay in your (terribly managed) lane

Richard Anthony Chemaly

Imagine the liver required for an insolvent entity to demand it be allowed a monopoly on the work of an entire successful industry.

You’ve got to hand it to South African state-owned entities. They may not have tremendous management skills, but they can certainly identify a cash cow to bleed dry. The thing is, cows don't only give you milk, if you farm them right they also provide more cows, so bleeding them dry might not be a fantastic idea in the long run. It’s just that everybody believes that the cash cow being bled dry by Sapo’s ridiculous position - where they don’t want private couriers delivering packages less than 1kg - will only harm the couriers. Maybe it will, but it...