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68-year-old Nigerian woman delivers twins

The babies came following multiple IVF cycles.

Margaret Adenuga recently made headlines on CNN for giving birth to twins (a boy and a girl) at the age of 68 following four cycles of IVF treatments.

Adenuga’s babies were delivered at 37 weeks at a hospital in Lagos, after Margaret had three previous IVF procedures before finally having the twins.

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Adenuga and her husband Noah Adenuga (77) got married in 1974. They shared that they never gave up on their dream even after the failed IVF treatments.

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The doctor who delivered the babies, Adeyemi Okunowo, told CNN a specialist team was assembled at the hospital to monitor the pregnancy because of her age.

“As an elderly woman and a first-time mother, it was a high-risk pregnancy and also because she was going to have twins, but we were able to manage her pregnancy to term,” Okunowo explained.

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