Anoj Singh tells court ‘he’s found a job’…with company allegedly linked to Guptas

Buy 4 Rich, the Dubai company offering fraud accused Anoj Singh a job as CEO, reportedly has deep links to the Guptas.

Gupta-linked Anoj Singh wants to work in Dubai…

Singh, a former Transnet and Eskom CFO who is out on bail after being arrested in connection with a R93 million corruption and fraud case, is seeking permission from the Palm Ridge Specialised Commercial Crimes Court to relax his bail conditions so he can take up a CEO position in Dubai, UAE.

The very same UAE where the notorious Gupta brothers who defrauded South Africa of millions of rands are said to be.

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Whether Singh is going to meet his former employees in the UAE is not yet overtly confirmed, but CityPress has reported that documents obtained suggest that the company offering Singh a job, Buy 4 Rich, has deep links to the Gupta family, with connections to Griffin Line General Trading, a company distinctively implicated in the Gupta money-laundering scheme.


But Singh is optimistic that South Africa will let him go. Through his legal representation, he has asked the courts to allow him to communicate with the law enforcement officer on his case via Zoom and Teams.

He also reported said that he was willing to sign an agreement stating that he would not challenge any attempts by South Africa to extradite him, should the country have the need to do so.

He offered to share his residential address in Dubai with the courts once he was settled in.

Currently, Singh has sold his only South African property for an amount of R9 million.

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Singh was appointed the chief financial officer for Transnet in 2012. He had been the been acting CFO of the state-owned transport and logistics company since 2009.

Singh was accused of being involved in questionable dealings with Regiments Capital, a consultancy firm owned by Salim Essa, a known associate of the Gupta family. Singh’s involvement revolves around increased payments made to Regiments for their financial advice during Transnet’s project to acquire locomotives.

Additionally, there are allegations of money laundering businesses associated with the Gupta family, such as Albatime, which Singh claims he was not aware of. Singh’s credibility and involvement in these transactions are under scrutiny, with suggestions that he may have been incompetent or knowingly participated in deceptive practices.

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