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Chad Saaiman says he’s back and better

Popular Captonian singer Chad Saaiman has released his new single, 'All on the Wall', after taking a four-month break from music.

The long-awaited track, which came out last week, echoes Saaiman’s signature style while still offering something new.

He told the Daily Voice: “My older stuff always had pop sensibility, but there was always a good mix of soul and R&B there. I want to keep that true.”

The former ‘Idols SA’ contestant explained that the time off between this single and the last was a positive influence on his work, saying: “I took a breather and I felt like it did me and the music good.”

Chad, who is planning to release a full-length album next year, expressed his gratitude for fans who take a personal interest in his music.

He added: “Everyone wants to have a national hit and get good rotation on the music stations. But I also like the fact that people take ownership of my music and then they’ll say things like, ‘Your song made my day, or it really touched me.'”

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