Nica Richards
Deputy online news editor
5 minute read
4 Mar 2021
5:00 pm

Animal origins of Covid-19 still unconfirmed

Nica Richards

'Unlikely' to have leaped from pangolins and bats, claims of the coronavirus having escaped from a laboratory have largely been discounted.

An exotic wet market in Lao town selling live animals, toad meat, bat meat, insects, fish and vegetables. Picture: iStock

From 5G mobile networks to leaked lab experiments and houseflies, the mystery of the origins of Covid-19 has spurred some interesting theories in the past year.  What disturbs informed and impressionable people alike is that scientists are not significantly closer to finding out what caused the global pandemic than when it first emerged in Wuhan, China in 2019.  This is not for a lack of trying. World Health Organisation (WHO) investigations have not yet been able to pinpoint the main culprit that resulted in the contagious virus.  Earlier investigations The head of China’s expert panel on Covid-19, Liang Wannian, said the...