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Daily hacks: Design specifics to look out for when choosing shoes for your kids

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Going barefoot is the best for tiny feet as children get the chance to be one with nature and familiarise themselves with the different textures of the ground and environment, but there will be some time where your children will need to wear a pair of shoes.

Because children are super active and are still developing, it is important to buy the right kind of shoes for them to allow them to run around and play comfortably.

These are some of the design specifics which you should look out for when choosing shoes for your children:


Ensure that your kid’s shoe is leveled and does not have a noticeable or hectic heel. A heel on the shoe alters the position of leg muscles and the spine. Children are always running around and playing, so a shoe with a heel could be extremely uncomfortable for them to play in all day.

A pliable sole

It is important to look for shoes which have a pliable sole that allows for them to grip and and gain balance when they are running around and being active.

The sole of the shoe should also offer optimum flexibility of the fore-foot for activities such as climbing, running and jumping.

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Minimalist, thin sole

Thin soles on children’s shoes are important because they allow for sensory input from the environment which allow children to familiarise themselves with the ground and the different textures of the ground.

The foot is a sensory organ that receives messages to send to the brain – the more your child feels, the more confidence there is when moving about.

Wide toe box

It is important for your children’s feet to be able to sit and spread properly in their shoes, as this improves natural foot function, stability during play, and also enhances balance.

Soft, natural, toxin-free materials

It is always a good idea to dress your children in shoes and clothes made from natural materials. Also make note of the usability of the shoes, to ensure that your choice of buy is quick and easy to fasten so that your children can put them on for themselves.

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