Great second-hand and vintage gift ideas for the festive season

Silly season is here and there is no better time to shop wisely. Second-hand gifting is a growing global trend – something to tap into this December.

Thrifted, used, like-new, vintage and gently used goods are trending globally and are not only a great way to save money this December, but also a way to live a more meaningful, unique and sustainable life.

December can quickly become the most expensive time of the year, considering stocking fillers, surprises left under the tree by silly little elves, gifts for friends, employees, clients and more. The high cost of living and a recovering economy could easily turn the festive season into a major financial drain.

In a GlobalData survey, 47.2% of respondents said that they planned to buy second-hand gifts for last year’s holiday season and 60% believed that giving second-hand gifts is now more socially acceptable than a few years ago.

According to Gumtree’s Estelle Nagel, many people believe that thrifted, used, like-new, vintage and gently used goods are not only a great way to save money on gifts, but can also be far more meaningful, unique and sustainable.

“Because buying second-hand ensures that we are being less wasteful, both financially and environmentally, which makes this a great reason on its own to shop second-hand.”

She says that when you have to make that December pay cheque last for what feels like an eternity, gift shopping in expensive retail stores that carry huge mark-ups will leave your bank balance high and dry in no time.

Second-hand doesn’t mean old and worn

Buying second-hand doesn’t mean that you’ll be giving gifts that can be referred to as ‘old stuff.’ In fact, with luxury resale having taken off considerably in recent years, fashion-forward individuals with limited budgets can now get their hands on the most sought-after luxury goods like Hermes handbags or Louboutin red soles, and that at a fraction of the price.

Second-hand gifting
Second-hand gifting. Image: iStock

Vintage could be a crowd pleaser this December

Vintage shopping is another great way to find timeless gems ideal for gifts. Vintage shoppers stake out local thrift stores, Hospice shops and thrifters selling their wares online, for the best clothing and jewellery of yester-year. Vintage gifts might just be the crowd pleaser this Christmas, especially for those friends or family members with a unique style.

Second-hand shopping isn’t limited to fashion

Fashion goods are not the only items worth buying second-hand for gifts, though. You can also buy electronics like smart phones, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles and accessories. People often sell perfectly working tech gadgets, many of which are latest generation or models from the last year of two, for reasons like emigrating or simply wanting to own the latest model. Keeping an eye out for these deals might save you an arm and a leg this December and the tech lovers in your family will certainly love you for it.

Another second-hand treasure trove

Books and toys are also brilliant second-hand buys if you’re looking to grant the little ones’ wishes this December without breaking the bank.

“Why spend hundreds of Rands on a toy off the shelf, when you can pay half the price or less on one that’s been gently used,” asks Nagel.

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Pre-loved books
Pre-loved books for Christmas. Image: iStock

You’ll strike luck on pre-loved goods for your loved ones this December at local thrift and second-hand stores, but also on social media and online classified sites.

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