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Joburg Explosion: Majority of patients injured in blast discharged

Gauteng Health MEC Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko said only 11 patients remain in hospital after being injured in the explosion.

Gauteng MEC for Health and Wellness Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko says the majority of patients injured in the suspected gas explosion in the Joburg’s CBD have been discharged from hospital.

Nkomo-Ralehoko briefed the media alongside trauma surgeon and chairman of the Disaster Centre, Professor Maeyane Moeng on Thursday at the Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital.

One man was killed, two were critically injured, another eight seriously injured and 30 sustained moderate injuries in the explosion that overturned minibus taxis and destroyed sections of Bree Street and Rissik Street on Wednesday.

Nkomo-Ralehoko paid a visit to five victims.

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Level of response

The MEC said she was pleased to see the level of response given by various teams of emergency medical personnel to those injured.

“There was a good turnaround time from the teams. The majority of patients were discharged shortly after being seen by doctors. Those who are still in hospital have been stabilised and are receiving the best possible care.”

Head of Trauma and Chairperson of Disaster Management Committee at CMJAH, Prof Maeyane Moeng, confirmed that the patients who are at the hospital are stable and should be moved from ICU to normal wards soon.


Moeng said most of the patients at Charlotte Maxeke were treated for physical injuries.

“Most of the injuries are typical of this mechanism. You have a lot of soft tissue, muscle type as well as fracture type of injuries. But there is none of these cases in this hospital that either have a severe head injury or a need of abdominal operations. They will only need management to the chest and lower limbs.”

He pleaded with the public to heed public safety messages to evacuate disaster-stricken scenes instead of gazing, taking pictures and videos, as this could result in more casualties.

Earlier, Nkomo-Ralehoko said no patient had suffered gas inhalation from the Joburg explosion.

“With the patients that I have seen now, I didn’t see any symptoms of gas.”

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