Cantona mocks Neymar for being a ‘great actor’

Eric Cantona turns Neymar's rather disappointing World Cup antics into comedy gold.

Brazil went through to the quarter finals of the World Cup yesterday thanks to a rather stunning performance by team talisman Neymar, who scored their first goal and set up their second.

However, while Neymar’s fluid play was a joy to behold, his on-field theatrics left a sour taste in the mouth of some viewers. Neymar has a habit of going to ground as though he’s been hit with a sledgehammer at the slightest touch. To be blunt, the Brazilian international has done more writhing on the ground this tournament than a dying wasp.

His antics have not gone unnoticed, however. Former French international and Manchester United legend Eric Cantona has picked up on Neymar’s penchant for ‘acting’ and made a video calling him out on it.

Cantona apparently has a piece of luggage he has named after Neymar for reasons explained in the video below that really need to be seen to be believed. Click on the vid and behold that Cantona seems to be as good at trolling as he was at playing soccer.

Neymar has yet to respond to this ribbing, and to be honest we don’t expect him to. But, Neymar, when a guy who karate kicked a fan at a live game tells you that you may be overreacting, you may want to sit up and at least take notice.

We salute you Eric Cantona, soccer legend, larger-than-life celebrity and scathing troll!

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