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Chaotic scenes at wedding after guests served food laced with marijuana

Those who were interviewed by the police said they did not know there would be marijuana in the food.

A US bride and her wedding caterer have been charged with food tampering and the delivery of marijuana, as well as negligence after serving guests food laced with marijuana in February.

According to the Washington Post, guests ate meatballs, Caesar salad, bread and olive oil, at the wedding in Florida and felt “strange, tingly and fidgety” after the meal, while others vomited.

Miranda Cady, one of the guests at the wedding, felt like her heart was going to stop and went to her car and was so terrified she would die there. She reportedly sent herself a text to let people know what had happened to her.

About 50 people who attended the wedding later tested positive for marijuana and those who were interviewed by the police said they did not know there would be marijuana in the food.

According to the publication, Douglas Postma, the groom’s uncle, told police he hadn’t used marijuana for many years until he ate the food at the wedding.

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After the meal, his heart started racing, and he started having “crazy thoughts,” his affidavit, as reported by the publication, stated.

His wife Nancy was later taken to hospital, where she became paranoid, loud and unruly, believing that one of her family members had died.

When asked whether there was marijuana in the food, the caterer allegedly “giggled and shook her head yes.”

The bride reportedly also said “yes” and smiled when asked if she had out marijuana in the food.

Rachel Penn, a neighbour of the newlyweds, reportedly told deputies that after she ate the olive oil, she felt “weird” and “buzzed.”

She went to a hospital and while there, texted the bride and asked what she had been served at the wedding.

The bride allegedly texted back and said: “Uggg, we have no idea, let us know if you need help with anything.”

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