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FOX News calls ‘Julius Maleema’ a ‘violent nutcase’

Last week, late night news host Tucker Carlson questioned whether the US should keep 'supporting' South Africa.

Okay, we know this video is a few days old already, but it seems to have got a little lost in the noise.

The most popular news channel in America, FOX News, which is also openly right wing, featured a segment late last week questioning whether the US should continue to support South Africa with its “tax dollars” while a “violent nutcase” like EFF leader Julius Malema – whose name show host Tucker Carlson mispronounced as “Maleema” – was advocating “racist land grabs” against white South Africans.


He also referenced a comment Malema had made in 2016 that they would not be killing all white South Africans, “at least for now”.

Land expropriation without compensation, which is due to be written into law once parliament changes the constitution, has caused panic in some quarters. Some white South Africans have written to US President Donald Trump to ask him to intervene in the matter.

The news channel compared the current political situation unfavourably to what appears to be happening elsewhere in the world with the rise of populist politics, including in France.

However, Trump also came to power on a wave of populism, which was often backed by FOX and its journalists.

During the EFF’s elections launch over the weekend, Malema assured his supporters that he would take the land back, including everything that was on it, and give it to them.

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