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Thamsanqa Mkwanazi
2 minute read
24 Jan 2017
2:40 pm

There is no such thing as anonymity

Thamsanqa Mkwanazi

We live in a society that is so confused. We want people to have a certain perception of us, while we want to tell ourselves we're being real.

Thamsanqa Mkwanazi.

Do yourself a favour and either Google or search on Twitter for a slimy individual who goes by the name Mdu. This is the character who spiked this week’s  #DateMyFamily viewer ratings.

This man is the epitome of confusion: he has a UK accent that sounds more like he is from our local East London; he claims to have two kids, but investigations yielded another offspring; and he cannot answer the simple question of what he does for a living, opting to say: “I currently do not have a location where I always am.”

This is the type of guy who probably finds ways to be deceitful to his partner. He thinks he is smooth with his words, as he uses “communications company supervisor” as a way of hiding that he works in a call centre. This is the guy who celebrates when apps such as WhatsApp come up with options of hiding your “last seen” status. This is the type of person who throws a party when phone manufacturers announce twin-sim card models so that he does not have to have a second phone where he conducts his dirty business.

If you are one of these people, I have some bad news for you. There is an app that now unhides a whole lot of information you think is done in secret. In the dating app, Tinder, you can now find out who viewed your profile in secret. I can see lot of people getting into a lot of trouble with this one.

The very same app now allows you to see that contentious “last seen” status on WhatsApp, so my advice for all that is that we act as if all we are doing is out in the open. We think we can secretly check on our ex-partner’s Facebook profiles, while they know exactly what we are up to. Whuuu, shem!

Do not ever be confused by what you think is anonymity, as there is no such thing. You think you have deleted your dirty files on that hard drive, but little do you know that it can always be recovered. You are so confused if you think that you removed an inappropriate tweet, as it went live for a few seconds. Sorry, but that is not the case.