1 minute read
6 Oct 2020
5:02 am

Strikes for hikes misguided now


It’s that time of the year again and pandemic or no pandemic, South Africa’s worker-revolutionaries are yet again going to take to the streets to strike for higher wages.

Members and supporters of the National Union of Metalworkers march through Johannesburg on 21 March 2018. Picture: Michel Bega

These are higher wages in a country where more than two million jobs have been lost as a result of the Covid-19 emergency and the preceding economic implosion. An elite group of people in a struggling Third-World country – people who have jobs are, by definition, elite – want to bring more chaos and disruption to an already reeling country. And all in the name of salary increases which begin to look obscene when held up against the daily struggles of most workers and the fight for survival of the unemployed. At Gautrain, for example, the National Union of Metalworkers...