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ANC chickens are burning hen house

What is happening at Eskom has ominous implications for the future of this economy.

As we battle through the icy dark of winter compounded by stage 6 load shedding, it is difficult to move beyond rage at Eskom and a longing to see full-time electricity.

One can hope that load shedding will eventually be reduced – if striking workers return to work and if those who are deliberately sabotaging the power utility are caught and brought to book.

Yet, load shedding is not the big picture here.

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What is happening at Eskom has ominous implications for the future of this economy and whether or not we continue our downward slide into a failed state status.

This is nothing more or less than a power play by the unions – notwithstanding that most of those involved at Eskom swear the stayaway and intimidation are nothing to do with organised labour.

It is an extension of other successful power plays by unions in the past – or should we say attempts at blackmail?

The Eskom strikers and protesters know full well that their actions – plus their intimidation of those who want to work – will cripple the already battling company and, in theory, make it more likely to accede to their salary demands.

They care little that the collateral damage of their actions is the people of South Africa.

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Unions, and other disgruntled elements around the country, find it easy to embark on such actions because there are seldom any consequences for illegal conduct in present-day South Africa.

The chickens that the ANC has bred are not only returning home to roost, they are prepared to burn down the entire hen house.

And that is not a look we need to project to local and foreign investors, never mind the ordinary people who are barely keeping their heads above water.

A minority must never be allowed to dictate to a majority. Did we learn nothing from history?