ATM? What were they thinking?

Surely when coming up with a party name, you'd pause to consider what its acronym will be.

What were they thinking? Before saying anything more, I bet most of you are jumping to the conclusion that I am referring to politicians.

After all, most of us are continually asking ourselves and each other that very question when debating politics.

Well, this time round you are jumping in the right direction. Because surely in this day and age, when someone considers starting a new political party, they would actually take more than three minutes to decide on a name – and of course the acronym by which it would be known.

Enter the ATM (African Transformation Movement). Really? Which genius came up with that one? He or she thoroughly deserves the People Of Extremely Poor Holistic Overview Levelheadedness award. But since the establishment of the equality police, we are not calling that award by its acronym.

I suppose in this wonderful country of ours, it has become the norm for politicians to regard the Treasury as their personal treasure chest. That’s just the way it is. Possibly a case of politician see, politician do?

I know that’s not quite the saying, but allow me some poetic licence – not that I regard this column as poetic, but I do want to avoid the equality police who have placed a ban on the use of certain words some people might find offensive.

If looting Treasury is endorsed by the majority, then who am I to condemn it? After all, the majority must rule by the rules as determined by the majority.

I really enjoyed Keep It Straight and Simple (Kiss). It was fun and it literally put a smile on every ballot paper – the pouting lips being the party’s official logo.

Speaking of which, I have not seen the ATM’s logo, but by golly I do hope it is designed by the same person who came up with the name. The possibilities are endless.

But what about this for an idea: why not make it a competition? Ask South Africans to design the party’s logo. The winning designer can look forward to having his or her creation printed on every single ballot paper.

As for a prize, a trip to India might just be quite apt.

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