Leon Wessels
3 minute read
12 Jul 2021
6:01 am

Nobody is above the Constitution, not even the former head of state

Leon Wessels

The Constitution may not be perfect but it still has to be respected. It can only be amended through prescribed constitutional avenues.

Former president Jacob Zuma in his home in Nkandla. Picture: AFP/Emmanuel Croset

South Africans watched with bated breath when lawyers stood toe-to-toe and exchanged legal blows in different courts. Poker-faced judges patiently listened to them before delivering their judgments. It was a momentous occasion when they drew a line in the sand – Jacob Zuma is now a prisoner in the Escourt Correctional Centre. https://www.citizen.co.za/news/south-africa/courts/2559804/zondo-conflict-of-interest-zuma-hearing/ Democracy is much more than regular elections; it is the vigilance of the citizens that hold the powerful (public and private) honest and accountable. The backbone of a constitutional democracy is the strength of its institutions. In the last few dramatic weeks, South Africans stood on the...