Richard Anthony Chemaly
3 minute read
8 Oct 2021
4:23 pm

Forces stronger than the law could force you to get vaccinated

Richard Anthony Chemaly

The state might not be able to compel you, but private compulsion means those refusing vaccination could end up unemployed and broke.

Picture: iStock

We’ve learned a lot about ourselves from the pandemic. The distance from which you can throw a ping pong ball into a cup, our penchant for high production value in 15 second videos, oh, and that we’re willing to believe a 100-word post by some anonymous Norwegian as truth because it was on Facebook. Yes, this Covid thing has shown us many things, but there are some things we have yet to see. One that’s rather appealing to me is just how redundant it makes the law look at times. In the midst of a lockdown, we had riots. Members...