Dirk Lotriet
2 minute read
26 Nov 2021
6:00 am

Dream of a new house may never come true

Dirk Lotriet

Snapdragon has never complained about our humble little cottage. She has always been content with our aging cars. She probably deserves better. But the money…

Picture for illustration purposes.

The lovely Snapdragon wants a new house and I have no idea how I am going to make her dream come true. The five-year-old Egg had her nursery school farewell last week and it was a sad affair. There were lots of tears involved. It was only me, but some of the other parents didn’t take the milestone event too well, either. Over the weekend, we decided to take a look at the school that Egg will attend next year. She was delighted – they even have chickens that dare to stroll into the quiet streets. Then I made a...