Cliff Buchler
2 minute read
5 Jan 2022
6:56 am

Daydreaming of the ANC ruining Mars instead of SA

Cliff Buchler

On Mars, they can establish settlements to suit their material needs – no need for the tender process.

Space travel. To another planet. Like Mars. As it is, their favourite country, Russia, is keen to pip the US reaching the planet first. (Photo for illustration: JACK GUEZ / AFP)

Imagine seeing the new year in without the ANC’s ruinous rule. What more can the decent citizens do to rid them of this throttling yoke? A start has been made at municipal level, but it’s still not enough to lift the fat cats from their comfortable parliamentary benches. Even the gutted Assembly room won’t keep them out for long. We need to try another tack. Let’s consider their weak spots. Like they just love to travel at taxpayers’ expense. So we need to find places keeping them away from parliament for longer periods, affording the opposition the chance to debate...