Danie Toerien
2 minute read
14 Jun 2022
8:01 am

Barbers not for men only

Danie Toerien

The barbers back then just used a spray bottle to moisten a man’s head before the standard short-back-and-sides.

Barber tools on wooden shelf and mirror in barbershop. Picture: iStock

What is often regarded as an ordinary occurrence, or part of everyday life, can sometimes be a life-changing moment for the person experiencing it – especially for the first time. I had my fair share of those moments as a young boy on the West Rand. The other day, having my hair cut, I was reminded about my first visit to a unisex hair salon. Back in those days, unisex was a very new and liberal concept. For the conservatives, the mere thought of men and women having themselves groomed in the same room, by the same people and at...