Jennie Ridyard
2 minute read
27 Jun 2022
4:45 am

Yes, masks are a choice now – it’s wise to choose them

Jennie Ridyard

'Oh, how I longed for the inevitable lurking face cover. Instead, I stood there stewing in plague air, fantasising about open windows and fresh air', writes Jennie Ridyard.

'I imagine many South Africans are putting their masks in drawers or bins, what with the lifting of the mask mandate'. Photo: iStock

I threw all my unused disposable masks in the bin. I didn’t mean to. I intended to put them in a drawer. Equally, I didn’t mean to put all those old receipts on the compost – they were meant for the bin. And as for my umbrella in the fridge… My son says I have brain fog. After all, I have just recovered from a short, sharp blast of Covid-19. However, I’m the person who recently misplaced a dishwasher tablet, only to discover I’d put it in my tea. I agree I have brain fog – I know Covid-19 isn’t...