Hendri Pelser
2 minute read
9 Apr 2021
6:56 am

Ministers are not above the law, not even when it comes to vaccines

Hendri Pelser

There are serious questions about control over the public purse. They need to be probed thoroughly and the public must be given answers.

Picture: Neil McCartney

  Did Pravin Gordhan duck and dive at a meeting of the parliamentary public accounts committee because he was aware he may have played fast and loose with government controls on spending? That’s the pertinent question being asked by Alf Lees of the Democratic Alliance (DA) on the fiasco of the South African Airways (SAA) flight in late February to Belgium to collect Johnson & Johnson vaccines. It appears as though the flag-waving SAA flight – which itself almost crashed, allegedly due to pilot error – was unnecessary for a number of reasons. Firstly, Johnson & Johnson has not denied...