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9 Sep 2021
5:50 am

Unfinished business of apartheid era will deny us accurate account of SA’s history


The TRC failed the victims of apartheid, And, in that failing, it left the space for anger and bitterness to grow.

Former apartheid police officer João Rodrigues. Image: Twitter/@SACP1921

The death this week of former Security Branch cop Joao Rodrigues who was finally charged with the murder of Ahmed Timol was a sobering reminder about the unfinished business of apartheid, and the restlessness of its ghosts. Time is slowly taking away the chance of justice for the families of those who died at hands of members of the former South African security services … because many of the alleged perpetrators are passing on beforethey can be held to account. Apart from Timol, there are other cases where the likelihood of closure for families is vanishing. These include that of...