Should baby showers be reserved for the first baby only?

Our Facebook audience weighs in on whether or not baby showers should be kept exclusive to firstborns.

In the Victorian days, the concept of baby showers transformed from how birth was celebrated during the Egyptian and Greek times. Tea parties were hosted for the mom-to-be and they were given gifts. This was in the 1800s well into the 1900s.

Since then, the concept has transformed drastically, with new moms not only receiving silverware, but gifts that will assist the couple after the child has arrived. These days, baby showers include dads, and dads even have their own exclusive “diaper party”.

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Historically, families were celebrated for the arrival of the first child only. The parties would also be planned and hosted by friends and family, and not the couple.

We asked our Facebook audience if baby showers should be hosted for more than one baby.

The general consensus was “no”, as moms believe that every child deserves a baby shower.

Sherry-Ann Ruthven Young says that “each child should be celebrated” while Shireen Booysen believes that “every child is a blessing & unique in his/her own right.” For this reason, these women believe that baby showers are not only for firstborns.

Thando of Modern Zulu Mom, an award-winning mommy blog also believes that each child deserves to be celebrated.

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Nicole Brews-Sammons held a different stance, arguing that if the kids are the same gender and the second one is born shortly after the first, then there is no need for another baby shower. “The things we had to get where the expensive things like another cot, car seat, pram upgrade – which were things we’d never expect our friends/family to contribute towards or give” Nicole says.

The only way she would have had another baby shower was if she was having a boy, or her second pregnancy happened years after her first one.

A traditional Sesotho mom, Maleseli Kolisang, was adamant about not having a baby shower for her second pregnancy. Maleseli’s first child is a 4-year-old boy and she was having a girl.

She refused one because she holds a firm belief that baby showers are meant to celebrate the mom and baby for their first pregnancy.

The conclusion?

Different strokes for different folks. In our modern society, each person is defining for themselves how things should be done. Some families are still keeping pregnancies secret, while some are hosting lavish gender reveal parties.

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Most of the people truly believe that baby showers are for showering the baby, and therefore every baby deserves one to he hosted on their behalf.

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