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Bianca Pindral
1 minute read
25 Jan 2017
2:50 pm

Teenager avoids mugging, gets hit by car

Bianca Pindral

He sustained facial trauma and head injuries.

The teenager was loaded into the Buthelezi helicopter after he was hit by a vehicle while trying to avoid being mugged. Photo: QRS

An 18-year-old boy was left in a critical condition after he was hit by a vehicle on Van Riebeeck Street, Krugersdorp, on Tuesday, January 24, at about 5pm, Krugersdorp News reports.

According to eyewitnesses, the boy allegedly saw a civilian being mugged nearby and ran across the road to avoid being mugged as well. In his attempt to escape the muggers, he ran right in front of the vehicle that hit him.

Community members who saw the incident take place contacted emergency services. Quick Response Service personnel (QRS) arrived on scene shortly after being contacted. Upon arrival, they worked alongside various other emergency personnel to stabilise the critically ill patient.

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“The patient had sustained facial trauma and head injuries,” said Braden Stephenson, spokesperson for QRS. “He required advanced life support intervention in order to stabilise him.”

QRS paramedics loaded the patient into an ambulance and transported him, with the Flora Life Response paramedic, to Townview High School, where he was then loaded into the Buthelezi helicopter and transported to hospital for further medical attention.

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