Yadhana Jadoo
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3 Apr 2017
11:08 am

Unite against greedy, corrupt people, Ramaphosa urges SA

Yadhana Jadoo

Ramphosa called Zuma’s decision to remove Gordhan and Jonas 'totally, totally unacceptable'.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa. Photo: ANA

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has asked South Africans to unite in getting rid of “greedy and corrupt people” in our midst.

Drifting from his prepared speech at nonprofit organisation, the Aryan Benevolent Home’s fundraising gala dinner at the weekend, Ramaphosa asked South African’s to remain hopeful, as the ANC is undergoing a process of “renewal”.

“There are many organisations that needs to renew themselves including the organisation that I belong to which is called the African National Congress – the governing party of our nation,” he said.

“This year as we seek to renew the African national Congress, as we seek to unite the African National Congress  around issues and values of integrity, values of honesty, values of leaders who will not be greedy and try to rob the people of this country – of leaders who will not be corrupt – that is the African National Congress that we are seeking to renew.”

Listen to the audio of Ramaphosa speaking below

His comments were made following President Jacob Zuma’s late night decision to axe outgoing finance minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy, Mcebisi Jonas, at midnight on Friday morning, shoving South Africans into a state of distress and anger.

“Let us remain hopeful as South Africans. The events that are unfolding now are not events that should make us scared, are not events that should make us afraid of the future that beckons,” he said in recordings heard by The Citizen.

“We have a great country, and we have great people in this country … our people, yes, are yearning, for leadership.

“We are also here again for a government that is going to serve the interests of the people.

“What is happening now is a process that is going to trigger that renewal – that renewal that we all need.”

Ramphosa – who spoke for the first time against Gordhan and Jonas’s removal  last week – called Zuma’s decision “totally, totally unacceptable”.

He told those at the fundraiser to support those leading the charge for renewal in South Africa.

“What you are required to do as citizens of this country is to support  the efforts that are going to be made by those who want to make sure that our country lives up to the values of Nelson Mandela – that our country lives up to the values of Oliver Tambo.

“Be in support of those who will be leading that charge because a moment of great renewal is upon us, and we should not let it go by.

“We should grasp this… because that moment has arrived and let us act together in unity – unite our movement, unite our country about one goal – the goal of making South Africa great, the goal of making South Africa corruption free, the goal of making South Africa a South Africa that we can all be proud of – And getting rid of greedy people .. corrupt people within our midst.”

He pointed out Oliver Tambo would have turned 100 years and honoured his memory.

“What he stood for was unity because he held the ANC together in exile, and he brought it back in one piece in 1991 after the ANC was banned, which is where I was elected secretary-general.

“And he said throughout the years of banning, we went through trials and tribulations, there were threats of divisions, but we held it together and brought it back home in one piece.

“And when he departed as the president handing over to Madiba, he said I am now handing over to you, look after this organisation of our people. This is a task that we plan to take forward,” Ramaphosa said.

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