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9 May 2017
12:47 pm

What?! Twitter freaks out after five lions escape from Kruger National Park

Citizen Reporter

People on Twitter say they will call in sick at work today until the lions have been recaptured.

Zimbabwe National Parks/AFP/File / - This handout picture taken on October 21, 2012 and released on July 28, 2015 by the Zimbabwe National Parks agency shows a much-loved Zimbabwean lion called "Cecil" which was killed by an American tourist on a hunt using a bow and arrow

Five lions from the Kruger National Park have been on the loose since Monday, and Twitter is taking the situation very seriously.

It was reported earlier that the lions may have been hunting livestock in the area when they came across the carcass of a cow in a farmer’s kraal.

SANParks spokesperson William Mabasa told Lowvelder on Tuesday morning that the lions were still outside the park and that rangers were searching for them.

Gerhardus Harmse, an electrician from Komatipoort, said he saw the two males and four females first at 5am on Monday morning a few kilometres from the filling station, on the way to the Lebombo border post.

“I almost ran into the one lion, but was able to drive around it and came back to shine my light on the lions against the road so that the other cars don’t run into them,” said Harmse. He was on his way to work in Mozambique.

A security patrol car came by and helped Harmse to shine his lights on the lions, and they then disappeared into the bushes. There are reports that the lions have been tracked near the border of Swaziland.

One Twitter user said: “We always happy to go visit them lions, now they are visiting us, and now ya’ll are not happy. Where is Ubuntu?”.

Another said: “Minister of police be like ‘We condemn the escaping of lions, we won’t tolerate this kind of behavior, ‘”

These were the other reactions on Twitter:

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