Rorisang Kgosana
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10 Jul 2017
5:34 am

Security at Centurion licensing dept a serious concern – Msimanga

Rorisang Kgosana

Msimanga’s visit comes after a robbery earlier this week where computers containing e-Natis information were stolen.

Tshwane Mayor Solly Msimanga

Security at the Centurion licensing department is a serious concern – and even the presence of Mayor Solly Msimanga and assorted cops didn’t deter the criminals on Friday.

While Msimanga was looking at the premises, in the wake of a burglary last week, an official photographer from the City of Pretoria had his phone and camera equipment stolen from his car – apparently in full view of cops who were escorting the mayor.

A shocked Tshwane metro police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Isaac Mhamab, who arrived with Msimanga, said: “I am surprised by what is happening here. Police officers were here and if there is theft and stealing, it is happening right in front of the police.”

Msimanga’s visit came after a robbery earlier this week where licensing technology and computers containing e-Natis information were stolen.

The photographer, who wished not to be named, had parked his car at the entrance near Tshwane metro police officials but returned from Msimanga’s media address to find his equipment stolen. Meanwhile, Msimanga raised concerns about security at the Centurion licensing department, saying he was shocked to learn that only one security guard was patrolling the large premises on the night of the robbery. He could not rule out the possibility of an inside job.

“Where the security guard is supposed to be stationed is where the robbers entered. It is dodgy that security could not see people coming in,” he said.