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Gosebo Mathope
2 minute read
8 Aug 2017
2:51 pm

Vote to remove corruption, DA leader pleads with ANC MPs

Gosebo Mathope

The DA leader urged ANC MPs to vote for hope and rid the country of a corrupt president who 'oppresses' South Africans.

File picture: DA leader Mmusi Maimane talks to members of the media, 22 June 2015, in their offices in the Johannesburg CBD, on the political party’s opposition to the proposed 25.3% electricity price increase. Picture: Alaister Russell

Opening the debate of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma this afternoon, DA leader Mmusi Maimane pleaded with ANC MPs to vote with their conscience to remove the cancer of corruption that is “oppressing our people”.

Maimane told MPs that, like him, they were in parliament to serve the interests of the people. “We are united in our loyalty to the country, we may be opponents, but we are not enemies. We all want South Africa to work.”

“I witnessed like many of you the sharp end of apartheid. I swore I will do what I have to fight oppression. I never thought I will be fighting a new form of oppression, corruption. If you told me our president will end up corrupted, I will not have believed you.

“I know many of you are tired of talking about Jacob Zuma and the Guptas. That is why we tabled this motion, so we can move on from this disastrous chapter. This is a historic day, the stakes have never been high. Our state has been captured,” Maimane said.

Addressing the economic woes faced by the country, Maimane said he has seen families rummage for food from rubbish bins, and some families abandoning their children because of poverty. He said many other South Africans would simply never find jobs.

“Either we allow one family to take everything from us, or us those who have been elected by the people take our country back. It is not about party politics. Today the choice is between right and wrong, and good and evil.

“When we vote today let us recall the oath of office we took: I will obey, respect and protect the constitution of the country. All of us sitting in this place said those words right here in this House. Saying those words will mean nothing if we don’t put them into action.”

Maimane reminded MPs that voting in secret today meant “none of us have an excuse”, saying he hoped there were enough people in the house today to make that happen.

He then reminded Pravin Gordhan, Derek Hanekom, Cyril Ramaphosa and Blade Nzimande that they had previously said they would vote in support of the opposition. “These statements reflect how many of you feel. Apart from the caucus who wants Zuma as president as President?” he asked the MPs.

“I am asking for you today to vote for hope, the hope that we can defeat corruption that oppresses our people. Hope that we can make South Africa better for our children. Vote for your hope, not your fears. Vote with your conscience, and vote for this corrupt president out of office. Let us put the people of South Africa first, and vote him out,” Maimane concluded.