Vhahangwele Nemakonde
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3 Oct 2017
3:06 pm

Oscar was never found to have the mind of a killer, says Pistorius family on film

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

The family says it will sue the producers of the film, which is set to be shown in South Africa in November.

Convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius’ family has distanced itself from the film Oscar Pistorius: Blade Runner Killer, saying it plans to take legal action against the producer of the film.

“The film was made with blatant disregard of both the Steenkamp and Pistorius families, as well as complete disregard for Reeva and Oscar. Neither Oscar, the defence of the family were involved in the production of this film in any way,” said Carl Pistorius, Oscar’s brother, on behalf of the family.

The family said the film was not a true reflection of what happened that Valentine’s Day in 2013 when Pistorius shot and killed his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. They said the film also distorted the court case that followed.

“Oscar was subjected to a month-long psychological evaluation which was insisted upon by the prosecution; the psychological evaluation of Oscar was undertaken by leading minds in the field. Oscar was subjected to in-depth assessments and ongoing tests almost daily for a month long; at no stage was Oscar found to have the mind of a killer,” said Carl.

Pistorius is currently serving a six-year jail term.

American-based Lifetime Films released the trailer for Oscar Pistorius: Blade Runner Killer on Sunday. It tells the story of Pistorius, Steenkamp, their relationship, and scenes of what may have happened on Valentine’s Day when Pistorius shot and killed Steenkamp, as well as subsequent court proceedings.

South African-born Andreas Damm plays Pistorius, while German model Toni Garrn plays Steenkamp.

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In some of the scenes, a woman can be heard telling Steenkamp that Pistorius was “smothering” her and that he was acting like an “insane” person, an implication the Pistorius family has disputed, saying he was never found to have the mind of a killer.

“The film is rather a representation of what the prosecution tried to portray,” he said.

It will be shown in South Africa in November.

Watch the teaser below:


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