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Zizipho Majavu
1 minute read
19 Oct 2017
11:42 am

LISTEN: Danny Jordaan’s rape accuser speaks out

Zizipho Majavu

Ferguson has named and shamed her alleged abuser.

Safa president Danny Jordaan (Photo by Sydney Seshibedi/Gallo Images)

Singer and former ANC MP Jennifer Ferguson took to Facebook to disclose that she was raped 24 years ago by a “prominent sports administrator”.

On the post, she did not disclose the person’s name, although she was asked by a number of people why she didn’t name the individual in question.

Speaking to Talk Radio 702 this morning, Ferguson finally found the courage to name and shame her alleged abuser, the president of the South African Football Association (Ssafa), Danny Jordaan.

She said it had taken her this long to share the story of her sexual assault because she believed she couldn’t prove it to anyone.

“I, as a woman who am empowered, who has been gifted and positioned with resources, if I found it impossible to report or speak out and it’s taken me this long, think of people that don’t have that.”

She added she had bathed straight after the incident, and that made it even more difficult to prove the rape had taken place.

“I was completely in shock.

“There is a voiceless constituency that I feel the story has to resonate with. It’s not a vendetta, sort of getting back at Danny, that is not my interest.”

“My decision is to speak truth in order to heal and to go through processes of forgiveness.

“It’s nothing as hard as keeping it.”

She said her greatest hope was that her example would help others speak out, and her story would open a very necessary conversation around sexual assault.

Listen to the full interview below


Musician details how prominent football administrator allegedly raped her 24 years ago