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29 Oct 2017
12:45 pm

NDZ’s own branch says ‘no thanks’ to her bid for ANC presidency

Citizen Reporter

The Gedleyihlekisa ANC branch in Durban boasts Dlamini-Zuma as a member but it wants to back Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa for ANC president ahead of the elective conference in December.

Surprisingly, the ANC branch that Dlamini-Zuma is a member of would rather not have her as the president of the ANC.

According to Sunday Times, the leaders of that branch were purged by the provincial committee for not supporting Dlamini-Zuma. They however, remain resolute in their decision to see Ramaphosa take up the reins of the ruling party.

Our position to support the deputy president is clear

Dlamini-Zuma is said to have renewed her membership with the branch this year, she has a flat in Durban and has been attending some meetings of the branch. She is aware of their decision not to support her nomination come December.

Siya Njokweni, branch secretary said they had not received formal notice of the dissolution of their branch. Until then, they would continue with their meetings and administration as usual.

“Our position to support the deputy president is clear. We remain loyal to the Mangaung collective decision that elected Cyril as the deputy of the ANC and we want the tradition of the ANC to be followed for him to take over in December,” he said.

Njokweni added that they were willing to protest and go to court to continue operating as a branch that supported Ramaphosa.

Njokweni said he hoped Dlamini-Zuma would remain a member of their branch despite their stance on the ANC succession race.

Yesterday The Citizen reported how recently, Ramaphosa suffered a serious set-back in his home province of Limpopo at the hands of Dlamini-Zuma, who has made serious inroads into some crucial regions.

The turn-out at Mopani region left the former African Union Commission chairperson smiling, with some already concluding that the province was sliding towards the NDZ- 17 camp.

However, the same member said many branches still believed in Ramaphosa and many had nominated him. But the trick would be in keeping that support until the conference, a task that appears to be elusive.

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