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Chantelle Fourie
2 minute read
11 Jun 2018
9:31 am

Charity drive to keep South Africans warm gets on the road

Chantelle Fourie

One hundred and forty access points nationwide will make donating easier in this year’s Hope for Winter campaign.

The Hope for Winter charity drive returns to cities across South Africa in June. Members of the public are invited to assist in the gathering of warm winter clothes, blankets and nonperishable food items for their local shelters, Rosebank Killarney Gazette reports.

The 18th national Hope for Winter campaign is hosted by Mould Empower Serve (Mes), PEN, Isinkwa Setheku and Towers of Hope, in collaboration with various churches and charity organisations.

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Reverend Alan Childs, CEO of Mes, said that being a part of this year’s Hope for Winter campaign allows the organisation the opportunity to extend its services across a wider client-base while engaging with fellow charities.

“Working together allows us a much greater reach and influence to better serve prospective clients within impoverished and destitute urban communities, while building relationships with fellow charities and the public.”

The cold winter months in South Africa remain challenging for those without access to proper shelter, clothing or food to protect them from the harsh elements of winter.

“Poor families, and especially the homeless, are at risk of facing the dire cold alone, leading to illness and in extreme circumstances even death. The national Hope for Winter campaign collects warm clothes, blankets, and non-perishable food in an attempt to make the colder months a little bit more bearable for those in need.

“Last year, more than 4 000 blankets and almost 1 500 beanies were collected via the Hope for Winter campaign. A further approximate 5 000 shopping bags, filled with a variety of clothing items and nonperishables were gathered. An estimated 2 709 people in need were provided with shelter during this period.”

This year, there are about 140 collection points located nationwide for easier access for everyone. Donors visit to locate collection points.

These points have been set up in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein, as well as in smaller towns. Cash donations are welcome, and 18-A tax benefit certificates can be issued if required.

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