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Citizen Reporter
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21 Jun 2018
11:06 am

WATCH: Another woman found hiding groceries in her pants

Citizen Reporter

The woman can be seen taking out baby formula tins stuffed inside her stockings.

Another woman has been spotted doing something she is not supposed to. The woman can be seen offloading tins of baby formula from her pants.

In a shocking video, the woman takes out six tins of 800g baby formula and six packs of cheese from her pants.

The male security guard can be heard ordering the woman to take the items out of her pants. Details surrounding the video are still unknown. The woman appears to cooperate with the man completely before the officers search her after the bust.

The video follows another video that circulated on social media this week. A video of a woman unpacking groceries into a trolley was also doing the rounds. The woman is not a packer nor an employee at a store. By the looks of it, she seems to have also been caught doing something she shouldn’t have.