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Pieter Dempsey
2 minute read
24 Jun 2018
4:48 pm

New charity shop opens at Sandton SPCA

Pieter Dempsey

The Sandton SPCA recently opened a newly built charity shop that is open to the public.

The volunteers that give up their time to assist at the Sandton SPCA book and charity shop.

The Sandton SPCA’s new charity shop offers the public a wide variety of items to choose from, reports Sandton Chronicle.

Items for sale include everything from jewellery to furniture, clothes to crockery, paint to pictures, toys to treadmills and household goods of every description.

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Sandton SPCA general manager Jaco Pieterse said, “We’ve sold a croquet kit to a welder, CDs to a well-known disc jockey, antiques to an antique dealer, water skis to a lady from Alex.”

Pieterse said they were struggling to sell a pair of snow ski boots that originally cost thousands, but it was recently bought and will be donated to the Tiffendell Ski School, for underprivileged kids to use them for free.

He added that all of the items are donated by people who don’t need them anymore. “This generosity not only benefits the animals cared for by the SPCA, but also helps the nearby poor communities who cannot afford to pay retail prices for their necessities.”

The charity shop was recently built adjacent to the bookstore and according to Pieterse, has already established a reputation for giving the best value around. “Even book dealers come from far and wide to stock up there.”

He said that SPCA’s across the country are now responsible for their own fundraising, since they no longer receive funds from the national lottery. “Initiatives such as the charity stores and bookshops make a valuable contribution to a budget that runs to several million a year.”

Pieterse would like to encourage the community to bring their second-hand goods in order to sell and raise funds for the Sandton SPCA.

The Sandton SPCA is on 9th Street, Marlboro Gardens and the charity and bookshops are open from 10am to 2.30pm on weekdays and 9am to 12.30pm on Saturdays.

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