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Ilse de Lange
2 minute read
5 Jul 2018
6:25 am

Matric girl gets interdict against ‘God’

Ilse de Lange

After being told she was the young deity's disciple, he asked her to his matric dance and allegedly tried to throttle her.

Court. File photo: SAPS (Twitter)

A frightened schoolgirl has obtained a court interdict against a boy who arrived at her school out of the blue, told her he was God and she was his disciple, and tried to throttle her when she refused to accompany him.

Acting Judge John Holland-Müter granted an order in the High Court in Pretoria, interdicting the boy from contacting the matric girl in any manner whatsoever, or from entering her school in the east of Pretoria. His mother may also not assist him in any attempt to contact the girl.

The girl said in court papers she was at school one day when she was asked to come to reception, where she found an unknown boy and a woman waiting for her.

The boy asked her to go to the matric dance with him. When she asked how he knew her, he said: “I know you from the beginning to the end, I am God and you are my disciple”.

The boy then grabbed her hand and pushed her to a chair, with the woman coming to sit next to her without saying a word. When she repeated that she did not know him, the boy kept on saying God had sent him to her.

The boy’s mother started shivering, but did not answer when the girl asked her what was wrong.

The boy then pulled her by the arm and instructed her to go with him. His mother also told her to accompany him.

The receptionist asked them to go outside and told the boy the girl would send him a text message about the matric dance, but he said he did not believe in cellphones and God had already removed it.

When the receptionist tried to interfere, the boy became aggressive and grabbed her by the throat. He also grabbed the girl by the throat when she asked him to leave, but she managed to escape and started running.

He followed, but she was saved when two male teachers came to her aid.

She said the boy had apparently been admitted to various hospitals for observation, due to the severity of his mental state.

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