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Corlia Kruger
2 minute read
11 Jul 2018
9:02 am

Dogs poisoned in Pretoria North

Corlia Kruger

Residents have been warned to look out for suspicious people in the Doornpoort area.

Three dogs were poisoned this week in Doornpoort, north of Pretoria, Pretoria North Rekord reports.

Police warn residents to be on the lookout for suspects in the area.

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“During one of the dog poisoning cases that was reported, a motorbike was stolen from a yard,” said Sinoville station commander Colonel Maria Roberts.

It was suspected that the deadly Temik, or better known as two-step poison, was used to kill the animals.

Last month, no less than 18 dogs were poisoned in Pretoria North.

Most of these poisonings happened in Theresapark, Dorandia and Tileba.

Captain Rian Greeff, of the SAPS veterinary science division, said he was worried that a “syndicate” may be behind the poisonings and may be targeting new areas.

“This is very concerning. Dogs are generally poisoned by criminals intending to break into properties,” Greeff said.

He warned residents to be on the lookout for strangers in the area.

Infographic: Noxolo Sibiya

“People should also be aware of vehicles driving around the neighbourhood and report it to the police, CPF and community watch groups.”

Temik contains the active substance Aldicarb, which is a carbamate insecticide.

This pesticide is meant to be used for agricultural purposes as it is effective against a number of pests that can destroy plants.

Unfortunately, it is now bought and sold illegally to criminals using it to kill animals.

The poison is usually hidden inside sausages or meats that are fed to dogs.

Greeff said the poison resembles ungrounded pepper, but more accurately, gunpowder.

“It has the same colour and texture as the gunpowder used in old-fashioned shotguns.”

Roberts urged residents to report all crimes at their nearest police station.

“Our community’s safety is always our primary concern,” she said.

“Working together will ensure that we bring these criminals to justice.”

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