Daniel Friedman
2 minute read
26 Jul 2018
11:41 am

EFF receives devoted support on fifth birthday

Daniel Friedman

Five years in, the party's supporters have praised their growing support and ability to push radical issues on to the national agenda.

Picture: Twitter.

Supporters of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) took to Twitter this morning to express an avalanche of devotion to the party, which turns five today.

A large number of messages poured in, with many not holding back on the praise.

Various users called the party “the future of the African continent”, “a movement that helped made some of us re-examine our role in transformation of our country, that reignited our commitment to the liberation of black people in general” and “the only party that has made me politically conscious”.

The party drew praise for their “vibrancy, fearlessness, hunger for economic emancipation and quest for education” and for providing a “vibrant revolutionary home for emancipation without pretense”.

According to people on Twitter, the EFF will “save this country and bring dignity to the African child”, with another user feeling the party offers black South Africans their best chance of “getting back our land”.

Some supporters highlighted the party’s ability to put ideas that may previously have been seen to be radical on the national agenda.

“You came and changed the game of politics people are now talking about white monopoly capital, motion of no confidence & land expropriation because of EFF,” said one supporter.

One user said “there is land debates nationwide” due to the party. Another noted the party has “had an immense impact in the political spectrum”.

The party was credited with having “rattled the status quo and made many to be [politically] aware of issues affecting us.”

One user said the party had managed to prove that it was not “another Cope”, noting that criticisms that the party was “founded on bitterness” and “would not last” appear to have been proven wrong.

Not all the messages were positive. Though hard to find amid a mountain of praise and devotion, some criticism was expressed.

One user told the party to “stop bulls***ting the people that you are fighting for their land”. Another dismissed Malema and his party’s visit to the Vukuhambe School For Learners With A Challenge on Thursday morning as a “PR stunt”. A third user called the party’s approach “reckless and dangerous”.

These voices, as well as the party’s other detractors, will have to accept that, if their Twitter support is anything to go by, the party is on the rise.

The party will be celebrating their birthday at Sisa Dukashe Stadium in East London on Saturday from noon.

It was reported on Wednesday that the party would be slaughtering ten cows to mark the occasion.

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