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Gopolang Moloko
2 minute read
27 Aug 2018
1:42 pm

WATCH: Adam Catzavelos’ brother says he used the K-word before

Gopolang Moloko

The eldest of the Catzavelos brothers spoke about the video his brother posted a week ago and the effect it has had on his family.

Nic Catzavelos. Image: @Eusebius/@Radio702/Twitter

Adam Catzavelos had used the K-word before, according to his brother Nic Catzavelos, who was speaking on 702 with Eusebius McKaiser on Monday.

Nic gave details of his relationship with his brother Adam whom he confirmed was still overseas.

Nic said his family, who have since left the country, now live in fear following a video that surfaced a week ago in which Adam provided an unpopular weather report expressing how he appreciated a Greek beach with not a “k****r in sight”.

Adam spoke out for the first time last week in a statement that circulated on social media.

His video put the family business, St George’s Fine Foods, under extreme pressure forcing it to close its doors for security reasons. Several customers also cut ties with it.

Nic added that he considered what Adam had done was a “terrible thing,” and said his brother betrayed not only him but “his children, his children’s friends and the people of colour he knows and is friends with”.

The family business Adam previously worked for and held shares in dismissed him following the incident. Nic says Adam’s shares will be put in a family trust.

Despite this, many of the companies that  use their sauce salad dressing and basting sauce have ended their relationship with the family.

Even Catzavelos’ wife’s company, Nike, was threatened by some with boycotts following the outcry.

Nic said that while he could not be sure if the threats the family had received were genuine, he had a responsibility to take them seriously.

“We have had to place our parents in a place of safety,” he said, adding that “we fear for our kids when they have to return to school, although staff have been supportive”.

He went on to say: “In the space of four days our lives have disintegrated.”

Nic says that despite all the anger he currently felt, he would not abandon his younger brother.