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Gopolang Moloko
1 minute read
7 Sep 2018
11:45 am

WATCH: ‘AfriForum is a white Black First Land First’ – ANC

Gopolang Moloko

ANC MP Koornhof believes Roets will destroy himself and called him a disgrace to the AfriForum organisation for his actions during the land hearing on Thursday.

ANC MP Nicolaas Koornhof has called AfriForum a white Black First Land First (BLF).

Koornhof was speaking to the joint constitutional review committee on land expropriation on Wednesday where he said AfriForums’ actions were not representing the white minority in South Africa.

Koornhof said: “What you did today was a disgrace for your own organisation” in reference to how AfriForum and Ernst Roets have conducted themselves in the past months.

“You will feel that [the repercussions] in future.  The way you acted in previous months, the way you acted in trying to fight for something you believe in, you will destroy yourself.”

AfriForum Deputy CEO Ernst Roets was responding to President Cyril Ramphosa’s promise that government would continue the land reform programme that entails expropriation of land without expropriation.

Roets believed the narrative that white people stole land in South Africa was “the single biggest historical fallacy of our time” adding that the ANC was leading the country into a communist utopia.

Roets maintained that white people occupied land in the country by settling on vacant land and purchased land through treaties, cooperation, and agreements.

“Then, of course, there was legislation such as the native land act of 1913 and the group areas act of 1950. These injustices must be dealt with but they must be dealt with specifically and not used to construct grand false narratives or to advance new racist policies,” he said to the committee.